Who Are We?

“Our employees are people who value the highest quality. The right attitude is a priority in our company. 1. “

Natural House was started in 2002, when an Estonian businessman, Heiki Jürissaar, decided to start offering people high-quality and environmentally friendly houses. All houses are handmade and our quality control speaks for itself. The first years were mostly spent on the design and production of cottages and private houses. Demand in export markets gave the team the opportunity to develop smarter solutions for buildings. In 2008, Natural House started designing low-energy houses, mainly for the Scandinavian market. Today, the main customers are from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Natural House’s years of experience, together with the best construction knowledge in Northern Europe, create the best innovative solutions for all possible needs.

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The goal is a home that lasts from generation to a generation. A home that is comfortable, cozy and easy to keep warm. A home that is made from eco-friendly materials.

Natural House – 17 years of high quality passive houses!

Passive and low-energy houses are a wise investment in the battle against the rising energy prices. Quality life often begins with a dream. Natural House is the company that celebrated its 17th anniversary this year. It is a company that has made the dreams and visions of many families a reality.

Founded in 2002, Natural House has built houses for 17 years in Estonia, Germany, France and many other places. However, Scandinavia has been the main market: Norway, Finland, Iceland, Denmark and Sweden. Entrepreneur Heiki Jürissaar confirms that quality and customer satisfaction are very important to him. For him, creating every home is like a journey and a dream come true for a family. Heiki Jürissaar has admitted in several interviews that in Scandinavia the entrepreneur feels “at home“. His pale hair, straight back, and friendly, determined eyes really shine through as if Viking blood.

This common ground, the bridge between the genes of the Estonian entrepreneur and the people living in Scandinavia, createa an trust and understanding! Thus, in Norway and around the world, there are several NH-designed energy-efficient houses, passive and low-energy houses. Often a smart house solution is also integrated. Jürissaar confirms that a passive house saves energy about 6-10 times compared to a conventional house. And he adds that there are smart, forward-thinking people in Scandinavia who can see the longer term when building a house. This is how smart investment in the future is made. Jürissaar wishes all families a dream come true – from their home!