We design the houses to be energy efficient. But even there we have

different levels of efficiency.

Low-energy houses generally do not regenerate energy itself, but can use up to 30 kW/m² of fuel per year. Same goes for passive houses, but they can consume maximum of 15 kw/m². With zero-energy houses the total amount of energy used by the building is equal to the amount of renewable energy created on the site. Plus-energy houses produces more energy from renewable energy sources, than it imports from external sources.

Materials play an important roll in the healthiness, energy-efficiency and comfortableness of the house.

At Natural House we use healthy and eco-friendly materials. We make sure that the materials do not cause any health issues but also that our houses do not cause harm to the environment. That is why we opt for the local materials as much as possible. We use massive wood constructions with good quality insulation. In the interior we use laminated wooden panels that can be oiled and painted or wallpapered.

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