What is the essence of a good low energy house? What does it offer people?

Heiki Jürissaar: “I think a low energy house with a soul is cozy and warm. When you come home in the evening, warm up the room and you know that it stays warm. Even with the frosty minus 30 degrees outside, the room is still comfortable in the morning. ”

If there is a low-energy house with a smaller area, it is possible to heat it with a good heat-storing fireplace in easier weather. A heat-storing fireplace will last for a long time as a useful heater – 24 hours or possibly more.

According to Heiki Jürissaar, there are low-energy houses where clay is used as a natural interior element. “Clay plaster, for example, has a good property of picking up excess moisture from living rooms, and returning it when the air inside is too dry. Clay is a very natural material, it suits the interior of the house. It also does not cause allergies because it comes from nature. It can be covered with natural colors, which can be made from curd, egg, or earth colors, and can be used to paint wall art. ”

Why is the man committed to energy efficient houses?

“It would be good to improve the quality of our living environment. Fresh air, clean food and of course a home. A home where a person spends most of his or her life should be healthy. It should be cozy, warm, healthy, stress-free. Our idea has always been to develop houses that are perfect in every way, with everything that people need. Build a house that is your home and your fortress. If building your own house is a must then it should also be energy efficient. According to Jürissaar, the difference in heating costs between the low-energy and conventional houses is several times higher.